Phrozen Chroma Kit Multicolor Printing System for Arco
Phrozen Chroma Kit Multicolor Printing System for Arco
Phrozen Chroma Kit Multicolor Printing System for Arco

Phrozen Chroma Kit Multicolor Printing System for Arco

Sale price€310,99

Estimated lead time:Q1 2025

*Filaments sold separately.

Adding Vibrancy to Your 3D Creations

The Chroma Kit is an advanced 3D printing accessory developed with Klipper software. Not only will it give you the freedom to customize your creations with your preferred color scheme, the Chroma Kit also acts as a filament enclosure to keep your 3D printing filaments dry for best printing performance and higher success rate.

While 3D printing transforms your ideas into reality, our Chroma Kit system adds vibrancy to your Phrozen Arco creations by printing up to 4 colors in one go.

Thanks to its highly efficient power drive and all-around sealed enclosure, say goodbye to filament jams and breaks, creating the best environment for all your filaments.

  • Print 4 Colors in One Go: While a monochrome print can be exciting as it is, imagine the opportunity that a multicolor print will open. Skip the painting and enjoy multicolor prints straight from the bed.
  • Keep Your Filaments Dry: Avoid bubbles and uneven extrusion lines on your prints by keeping your filaments dry. With pre-installed desiccant included in the Chroma Kit, it'll keep the filaments on its optimum condition.
  • Goodbye to Jams and Breaks: Thanks to the new power drive and motor design, the Chroma Kit is designed to work smoothly without the interruption of filament jams and breaks.
  • Print With Multi-Material: We're working on the Chroma Kit's capability for multi-material printing, giving users the option to use support materials or combine different materials in a model.
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