Phrozen Repair Policy

Phrozen Tech is committed to providing exceptional customer experience by offering reliable and professional maintenance services. Our support team is dedicated to promptly resolving any issues and restoring your product to its optimal state. We encourage you to reach out to the Phrozen Support Center for any maintenance-related assistance at your convenience.

Repair Service Qualification

Upon confirmation of a product fault by the support agents at Phrozen Support Center, customers will become eligible to receive the required spare parts to repair their products themselves.

Repair Service Options

Phrozen Tech provides spare parts based on compliance with applicable laws, product type, and specific circumstances. The following repair options are available:

1.During the warranty period:

Phrozen Tech may offer customers the spare part DIY replacement service, at its discretion. If eligible, customers will receive the required replacement parts and installation instructions at no charge. However, please note that Phrozen Tech will not cover any labor costs incurred during the DIY part replacement service.

2.Out of warranty period:

Customers can purchase necessary replacement parts directly from Phrozen official website, authorized reseller, or by requesting a customized order through the Phrozen Support Center.


If the product is damaged upon arrival (DOA, Dead On Arrival), please refer to the return and refund policy.

Repair Service Information

  1. Phrozen Tech does not provide on-site repair services for any product, whether in or out of warranty.
  2. If a product has been discontinued for more than one year, and replacement parts are no longer in production or available in inventory, we are unable to provide spare part replacement services.