LCD Resin 3D Printer Parts

Are you annoyed by not being able to replace the parts in your devices? Is being dependent on service departments something that you cannot cope with? Well, with our 3D printers you can forget about that. We offer a wide range of replacement parts for 3D printers, which means that you can finally repair your machine on your own. Take matters into your own hands and make sure you only use original replacements by ordering parts from our store!

From PFA films to screen protectors – a stunning range of parts for 3D printers

We understand that you want to feel free and independent. Yet, you often cannot do that when it comes to the products you buy. While you can repair your car or computer, it is often much more difficult with printers. In Phrozen, we aim to give you true freedom. Therefore, at our store you can order almost any part of your printer. Reclaim your independence and make all the necessary repairs yourself. After all, 3D printers are still perceived as a luxury, so you should provide them with all the possible care.

Our list of replacement parts for 3D printers includes:

vat films (FEP, PFA(nFEP), ACF),

building plates,


resin vats,


LCD frame tapes,

LCD screen protectors.

As you can see, you will be able to both exchange the elements that may suffer from physical damage, and those which might break down due to obsolescence. So, no matter what happens, you will no longer be forced to buy a completely new printer!

Be more sustainable with our 3D printer replacement parts!

Each year, there are almost 1 million 3D printers sold worldwide. Each of these needs to be manufactured, packed and shipped. Many of the printers are sold to people who already owned such devices, but had to purchase new ones due to the old printers breaking down. This means that by simply replacing the broken parts, we would be able to significantly reduce the number of whole printers produced each year, thus decreasing the negative impact of this process on the environment. So, next time, instead of buying a new device, try our 3D printer replacement parts – it will be a cheaper solution for you, and a healthier solution for our planet!

Exchangeable 3D printer parts – a solution for the pros

If you are printing jewelry, figurines or prototypes regularly, you know that the effects of a halt in production might be severe. If anything breaks down, you will need to wait for the shipping of your new devices before continuing your work. Buying a spare printer will also not be a solution – it simply costs too much, and obsolescence will still kick in. However, you can secure yourself – stock up on replacement parts for your 3D printers, and you will be able to resume your production immediately!

Top-tier replacement parts for 3D printers that will make your devices work like new

All of our replacement parts for 3D printers are crafted with attention to detail and from high-quality materials. Therefore, they do not differ from the stock ones. We guarantee you that you won’t spot any difference – your printer will work like new!