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Enjoy excellent resolution and extraordinary output of any size, from tiny miniatures to large figurines. Need something more specific? Make sure to also check out our wide range of resins and accessories!

Large-Format 3D Printer - Sonic Mega 8K S

Top Quality, But Affordable

Enjoy Phrozen‘s high-quality printers with large build plates and 8K resolution LCD, all at affordable prices.

Massive Build Plate

Equipped with a 15-inch build plate, perfect for printing medium to large-sized models — conveniently eliminating the need to batch-print your models!

Print More at Once

Mass-produce full plates of miniatures all in one go, with 600 layers/hour for fast production.

Built-in Drip Hanger

Made with all metal, the built-in drip hanger is safer and conveniently saves every last drop of resin after print.

Compact 3D Printer - Sonic Mini 8K S

Perfect for Everyone

Simple and easy to operate, seamlessly ease into your new 3D printing journey.

Details That Transcend Reality

Prints realistic 3D models at a mind-blowing resolution of 22 µm.

Print Amazing Details

Achieve stunning detail with Phrozen Aqua 8K 3D Resin, designed for super-fine details with full 8K resolutions in four exquisite colors.

Smooth Surfaces All Around

Create flawless models with smooth surfaces thanks to 50% less layer lines.

Mid-Sized 3D Printer- Sonic Mighty 8K

Printing big and more models doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the details.
Sonic Mighty 8K’s incredible 28㎛ resolution enables everyone to create crisp and sharp prints effortlessly.

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